Capitulum I : far behind
In the night of suffering and laments, in August, era of 1991 , while the strong voices of thundering were acting, under the stones of the ancient castle of Matus Cak Trenciansky, the electric incursion breathed the life to the shadow. Demons of black muse started to call it DEPRESY. For the earthly realization, four rejected souls were thrown into its ethereal body. These souls were connected by one mutual aim. So that, the truth about the secrets of mystery occult sciences is said in the way loved by gods – in the way of music. The journey started in the year of 1993, in the year of their first official demo album IN EMBRACE OF THE DYING birth. Arcanum contained 6 compositions of melodic, aggressive death metal including the features of doom metal. More than 500 copies with very positive reactions have been spreading . The firm core of the commune is given for a long period of time. Dirt [guitars], El [drums], Shimi [guitars] and Dragon [vocals].

Capitulum II : past
Mentally hardened by the songs of praise, the commune is going on by the firm step, astral conquering. There are being recorded a couple of new compositions (Try Not To Breathe & Without Future - March 1994 ) for compilations of local and foreign labels. In the year of 1995, a successful MC album is released into the shadow of the night ... AND THERE CAME THE TEARS WITH CHRIST. The listeners are being crushed by eight mystic visions of darkness. This arcanum leaves an unhealed wound in the mind of creature listening to the name of Shindy. This young talent-searcher publishes it in amount of 1000 pieces. Together there were 1500 pieces spread from this MC. They have been existing in the mutual support from that time, as kindred spirits. CD A GRAND MAGNIFICENCE released in January 1998 is the next fruit of this cooperation. This opus includes two brand new songs, re-recorded song Try Not To Breathe and a cover version of Hypocrisy's Reincarnation. Because of uncalming interest there was also placed remastered material ... AND THERE CAME THE TEARS WITH CHRIST as a bonus on this CD. Band plays many gigs (e.g. with Grave, Vader, Night In Gales, Immured, Krabathor, Root, Consolation etc.). They are featuring at all important summer festivals in Slovakia and Czech Republic (e.g. Brutal Assault, Nuclear Storm, Festering Blood to name a few).

Capitulum III : nearly past
The walls from non-penetrating night, the gates from rough winds, the windows from the moonlight beams. That is said to be a majestic mansion for the well-being of the souls born from the shadow. They celebrated its eternal glory by album called SIGHTING during the night of dancing and abundance in the summer of 1999, as well as by presence of Shindy. Martych appears for the first time as a bassguitar player on this album, but he is leaving the band one year later. This opus includes 8 obscure compositions, thanks to which the band has reached a firm position in the world underground. CD also includes multimedial trace with video (The Antichrist's Philosophy) and plenty of informations. All the compositions were realized in EXPONENT temple again, spiritual leader Tomas Kmet – had been acting as a studio keyboard player . Band played many, many gigs and festivals . But shortly after dark plague came... At the astral level there occured a couple of important events which were projected to the present composition of DEPRESY. One of the founding members - Dragon, who was presenter of black litany, has decided to leave the band because of mental exhaust with drug demons. The throne of his majesty has been covered by spiderwebs...

Capitulum IV : present
...but not for a long time. There is being built a new throne by Vesper, (ex-Essence of Existence) beaten by the storms of star dust. Gabriel (ex-Maltum) is taking care of pulsing the lowest frequencies through the cosmic space. There was recorded promo from prepared new stuff in summer of 2002 as an example of the fraction what happens after break of the seventh seal... (promo includes two brand new songs Shaman's Space & Carpathian Sonnet Of Deceased Ones) ...and the time has come... In January 2003 Dirrt [guitar], El [drums], Shimi [guitar], Gabriel [bass], Vesper [vocals] and Fear [keyboards] (Essence of Existence) entered Exponent Studio to realize their imaginations of suffering, fear and darkness. Mixing of omnifarious elements and essences eventuate in interesting mind-exalting opus PSYCHOMANTIUM PHENOMENON , which you can enjoy right now.